Before Buying


Before buying this product please be aware of the following:

We love the overwhelming support but please do note that if you order more than 2 wigs of the same item type, the order will be refunded. We will email you an explanation. We believe everyone should have the opportunity of purchasing a wig. We know some items sell out quickly. We do plan on restocking some items if there is a demand.

Doll & Clothing: Dolls and doll clothing and or accessories are not included in any purchase. The dolls used in our website are created by Danny Choo. If you would like to purchase a doll you can do so here: :)

Wig Size: All wigs in our shop are designed specifically for Smart Dolls. A reason we ventured into this business was due to the nature of other wig shops not having the right fit for our own Smart Dolls. They would often fall off or look rather bulbous for our taste. We decided to measure the head of our Smarties to make sure they would fit perfectly. Not all Smart Doll heads are the same size, and with that said, our wigs are also not all the same size. They are hand made and we do not scold our manufacturers for not having the exact same size on all the wigs, that would be impossible to achieve unless AI (artificial intelligence) were to one day make each wig by hand. :)

NOTE: Due to the slippery material of cortex/resin/non-vinyl dolls, wigs may slide off more easily, therefore silicone wig caps might be necessary. However be cautious when using silicone head caps, as these may lead to staining. Tape and some form of adhesive putty can be alternatives. We have not tested our wigs on 3D printed headcaps.

Staining: We have undergone testing on several of our wigs for staining. We are happy to say that thus far no staining has occurred, however, our girls are kept in a display shelf with air conditioning. We do not know whether in a different climate, staining might occur, or whether our girls are just plain lucky. Vinyl dolls are made with plasticizer, which is a wonderful thing for flexibility, softness, and to give dolls their beautiful colors. With that being said, it also makes staining inevitable. We will not say our doll wigs will stain, as well as will not say they do not stain. It is a risk us doll lovers all take on whenever we try on a new wig or outfit on our girls. If you wish to minimize staining a cloth wig cap might help prevent it. We do not recommend silicone caps for stain prevention, as they may absorb any excess dye and spread to the vinyl. It’s a bittersweet gamble.

Colors: We have hand selected blends of colors to give you these beautiful wigs. A photo is worth a thousand words, as well as infinite amounts of hues. The photos on our website are taken with a smartphone, we do not edit their color. Not all devices are made equal in terms of display color settings. What one person sees, another will see differently. We don't give any refunds because you did not like the color in person. We shoot in studio lighting. 

Hair & Styles: Our wigs are made from a synthetic blend of fibers that give it its softness and beauty. They have a rather good amount of hair and weight, however it may not be to everyone's liking. They may also be bald to some people. Not us. We love them. Wigs are wigs and therefore exist to mimic real hair. Some styles may not work with all wigs as they were each made to be styled as presented in photos. Some of our wigs have a shine to them. This is normal and may also not be to everyone's liking. I believe there are methods online to help reduce this shine. Please be free to research those methods if you would like.

All of our styles are made and perfected by our inhouse stylist and co-owner of our company Chris :) We have both QC’d each wig and tried our hardest to ensure that each one will be loved. They are all perfectly imperfect. Styles and cuts are made by hand, therefore they will all have variation from one wig to another. No two bobs are created equal! Similar, yes, but not equal. We are no machines! :) 

Heat Safe up to 200 °F - except natural wigs
Natural hair textured wigs (braids, afros) should not be combed or heated, doing so will cause irreparable damage to the original style.

Shipping: We will ship our products in polymail bags and within our own custom bags. Each wig comes with a hairnet and a ball of tissue to help the wig keep its intended form. With that being said, we cannot promise that the wig will keep that shape. The wig might lose its form and may need to be restyled with tools from your own home. Check out our Care Instructions section for styling tips. ;)

We will ship all orders within 5 days after purchase. We are a duo here, and will be shipping out whenever pockets of time throughout the day are made available. We both work 9-5’s  however we promise that we will have them shipped within the timeframe mentioned above. Tracking numbers will be made available within a reasonable timeframe, please be aware tracking updates take time. We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. Custom fees and import fees are responsible by the consumer.

All sales are final. We do not accept returns or refunds on any of our products.

If you have any issues please contact us directly at: [email protected]